MyPlasm CNC Controller



The MyPlasm CNC system controlling plasma cutting machines is the simplest system that allows people who do not have advanced knowledge of programming and controlling CNC machines to operate the machine.

Although many professionals trust it, it is mainly for hobbyists and amateurs. For processes where productivity and quality is put at the highest level, professional programming tools should be used.

The system includes:

  • Advanced USB motion controller MyPlasm CNC
  • Plasma interface ( integrated THC controller and OHMIC)
  • MyPlasm CNC control software (for Windows PC / Laptop with USB port)

The main idea of the system is to control the machine on the basis of 2D drawing and not on the basis of G-codes as in other programs. This significantly reduces the required level of knowledge.


With the MyPlasm CNC Controller, the system does many operations automatically without the participation of the operator.

MyPlasm CNC Controller does many operations automatically without the participation of the operator. Included is the MyPlasm controller, wire hook-up instructions, and phone support. An additional advantage is the integration of very simple My Mini-CAD modules which allows the user to make simple drawings. The My Mini-CAM automatic tool path creation completely removes the need to purchase/installation/use of additional external programs for simple parts. Additionally, this reduces preparation time of the cutting process to a bare minimum. There’s no need for Sheet Cam or Mach 3 License!

Need a new plasma table or want to upgrade your current setup?

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Our Support Is What Makes Us Different

We offer training on how to use your cutter, and we show you how to set the current and speed to achieve the best cut quality. Our software training includes Qcad drawing software and MyPlasm CNC Controller with no limit to training time. Call from 7 is to 10 pm Central Time 7 days a week at 870-427-2421 training line. Our training is by phone with the use of a remote computer connection. We will see your screen or you can see our screen. Training is responsive to your needs… you set the pace! We have found learning is best when the student is the one controlling the computer. The teacher’s pointer appears on your screen to show what to do next, which makes learning a hands on experience.

As always, if you have any questions, you can contact us anytime! You will not find a better support team for all of our plasma cutters, CNC plasma tables, and all in one systems.