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Not only does Eagle Plasma offer the very best All-in-One CNC Plasma Cutter, we offer the support to help you succeed! Metal art (especially outdoor metal art) is a fast growing business, and we want to help you get your own table set up and running as fast as possible. The sale doesn’t stop for us when you make a purchase. We’re here to guide you through setting up your plasma table, working through the CNC cutter program, and even offering advice on getting your business started!


In short… we make All-in-One tables! What does this mean to you? It means you can call us whether you are having trouble with the computer, software, cutter, or table and we can walk you through it right over the phone. We can even log directly into your computer to help you fix things right where you are! If you’re excited and ready to design, you won’t find a better cnc plasma cutter to suit your needs. We even load our computers with over 14,500 designs so you don’t even have to find your own!

Most companies sell one of these components and then outsource the rest. At Eagle Plasma, we build it all right here in our warehouse and ship it to you as one ready-to-go package. There is no easier way to get right into making metal art!

What all can I do with a CNC Plasma Table?

Plasma cutters are used for all types of metal fabrication projects. These can be used in construction sites, salvage yards, and even for designers looking to create art. One popular industrial use is creating custom brackets. For artists, common uses for plasma cutters are metal signage, sculptors, and other indoor and outdoor metal wall art. Sometimes this is even combined with metal finishing processes like powder coating.

While plasma cutting is only used for materials that are conductive – usually steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, but other conductive metals can be used as well. Our plasma cutters are able to cut through huge sheets of metal in any thickness! You can make gates, outdoor signs, indoor metal wall decor, outdoor metal wall art…the possibilities are endless.

Choosing the right CNC plasma table for your hobby or business

  • Decide how you plan to use your CNC plasma table.
  • Think about the size of the project you intend to create.
  • Choose a size that will fit in your home, shop, or warehouse.
  • If something goes wrong, who will you contact (we service ALL parts of our plasma cutter and table!)
  • Be prepared to put the table together. We have a video to help!
  • Decide if you’d like to use a payment plan or pay in full. We use Affirm for easy payments!
  • Check out our information on starting your business using your new CNC plasma table!

About Eagle Plasma

In 2008 I needed parts cut for a project I was interested in. Not only was it expensive to have a fab shop do it, they couldn’t get to it for weeks. That’s when I began looking for one of my own. I was absolutely astonished at the price, I couldn’t find one for under $10,000! Who could afford that?

My family & I designed and built our first prototype CNC machine later on that same year. We were convinced that we could produce a quality CNC system that folks could afford. On Thanksgiving Day, 2011, we launched Eagle Plasma, LLC.

If you are looking for a quality CNC system at a reasonable price, you’ve come to the right place. We stand behind our products 100%.

Al Nelsen | Founder

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