Router Mount



Router attachment for using your CNC plasma table with wood routing needs


CNC Plasma Tables for wood cutting and engraving? Sure! Just add the Router Mount Attachment!

Did you know that CNC’s aren’t just for metal purposes? All types of wood can be cut or even engraved using our Router Mount Attachment for the CNC plasma table. Even things derived from wood like MDF and plywood can be cut! Surprisingly, wood products are some of the most popular uses for CNC cutter tables! Our Router Mount Attachment attach’s to the carriage assembly. This allows our CNC plasma tables the ability to work with wood routing.

A CNC router can make deeper cuts (much more than one inch 1″ inch) without harming the material regardless of the wood being hard or soft. When it comes to engraving wood,  there are huge advantages of using the CNC plasma cutter table. You can make 3D engravings – even in 360 degrees! No other technologies offers this option in a way that doesn’t damage the wood.

All in One CNC Plasma Tables and Unmatched Support!

If you haven’t purchased your CNC cutter table yet (or if you’re needing an upgrade!), be sure to check out our all in one CNC tables in both 4×8 and 5×10 sizes. We ship the entire package directly to your door, and setup is easy.  A video tutorial is conveniently posted on our website to assist you! At Eagle Plasma we know there are several buying options when it comes to plasma tables for sale, but we offer something a little bit extra. Our in-house technicians are ready to support you from setting up the plasma table to troubleshooting any of the issues that might arrive during use. Because we offer the all in one package, you only have to make one phone call for us to assist you with any problems you might encounter.

As always, if you have any questions, you can contact us anytime! You will not find a better support team for all of our plasma cutters, CNC plasma tables, and all in one systems.