DIY CNC Gantry Kit




The DIY CNC gantry kit comes in Two-foot default size. Other available options are four-foot or five-foot. You can build a tabletop with 2×2 angle iron for rails to ride on or you can choose to buy our 2×2 bench top with the Gantry×2-bench-cnc-plasma-table/.  This kit allows you to design the rest of your table.  Make this kit your own by turning this into any length 2×4 or 2×8, it’s your choice on how long you would like to make it. The Controller is also available on our website under the products tab. We have the Open Build Controller with a GRBL or our MyPlasm Controller. There you can choose the way you want to go.

You can find the DIY CNC gantry kit extension pans on our page at Other additions can be found on our products page. Just give us a call at 870-427-2421 if you have any questions.

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