4x Expansion Water Pan




4x Expansion Water Pan

This 4x Expansion Water Pan a is heavy-duty CNC Pan. This pan comes in a black powder coat finish with sealer tape for no leaks and support slats. This expansion water pan can be joined with a 4×4 system to make a 4×6, 4×8, Etc… When expanding our 4×4, you may need to change the length of the Angle Iron that the gantry rides on. You can order the size table you want and the correct angle irons will be in the package or buy them at your local metal supplier. Building your own table that our water tables will sit on, is the result of a high-end 4x CNC cutting table that saves you money.

This 4x Expansion Water Pan is a robust machine for any hobbyist or professional fabricator.  With the rise in prices, shipping has become more expensive. With our new design, we are able to ship to you at a lower shipping cost. We add the price of shipping into the cost of the table, So no shocking buying price at the time of purchasing.


4x Expansion Water Pan


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