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Parts list.

Two rail sides, two face sides four legs, with adjuster bolts, and two guide rails.

Eight (8)  ¼-20 by 1-½ Philips head bolts, and eight ¼-20 by 2-¼ Philips head bolts.

Eight (8)  ¼-20 by ¾ hex head bolts, and eighteen 3/8 by ¾ inch lag screws. 

Twenty four (24) ¼-20 lock nuts.

Tools needed.

Philips head screw driver, 3/8-inch wrench, ¼ inch driver, two (2) 9/16-inch open end wrenches, two (2) 7/16-inch  wrenches, two (2) ½-inch open end wrenches, and 1/8-inch Allen key.


Step 1.  

Remove the screws from the plywood crate ends, then the two  (2x2) wood retainers.

The lag screws holding the rail and rail sides to the plywood base are 3/8-inch, and are used to secure the rails to the table, set them aside.

The two inside boxes are the grate kit, set them aside.

Step 2.

Lay out your parts, upside down, in the order of the numbers, on a flat surface, so the numbers match up.

Line up your four sides, two rail sides and two face sides.

Place the face side to the corresponding rail side, the triangular leg support will be vertical, with the rail corner support plate overlapping the rail side holes.

Install the 3/8-inch lag screws in each of these two (2) holes, leave loose.

Position a corresponding numbered leg to a matching corner, it will only fit one way.

Install two (2) ¼-20 by 1-½ Philips head bolts through the holes on the wide side of the leg, secure with two (2) stop nuts finger tight.

Install two (2) ¼-20 by 2-¼ Philips head bolts through the holes on the narrow side of the leg, secure with two (2) stop nuts finger tight.

Repeat these steps for all 4 corners

With all your corners loosely assembled, square and tighten your bolts. 




Step 3 Turning your table. 

It is recommended to have help for this step, as an assembled table is heavy, two people can easily handle the job.

Step 4

Installing the rails.  

Install loosely the two(2) angle iron guides  with 3/8 by ¾  inch lag screws through the five holes to the matching one on the side rail, do not tighten these down fully until your gantry is on the table, please read gantry kit instructions under the heading “Tuning the rails” for details on this portion of assemble. 

The outside bend of the guides should be over hanging to the outside of your table.