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 Grate kit parts and instructions.

Two (2) side bars, one (1)  front bar. one (1) back bar, two (2) bow support bars, 16-¼ inch self tapping screws, and eleven (11)  slats.

Your grate kit consists of two (2) boxes, the heavy box contains your 11 cross slats (item GP6), the other box contains all the other listed parts.  Install your slats after the grate frame is in place on your table.

Pick a corner to start from, and line up each piece so that the numbers on them match, secure the pieces with 16-¼ inch self tapping screws, repeat until all parts match their numbers

When installing the angled support bars, force will be needed to line them up.

The frame will have a slight bow, this is intended, as these bars will be reflecting the force of the slats.        

Place the frame in your table (it will rest on the half supports on each side, and each of the 4 corner plates,) arrange the frame so that the angle supports form a point facing the front of the table, this will insure maximum cutting area and support, 

Install eleven (11) slats one at a time, start from one side, insert a slat into the first slot, part way, then bow the slat to, line up with the first slot in the middle bar, continue the  bow to the first slot in third bar, press or tap slat into slot until secure. Repeat until done.