Innovative, CNC Tables at Reasonable Prices

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Welcome to Eagle Plasma LLC.

We are a small startup in Arkansas.

I like many others became unemployed two years ago. 

I could not find a job, even though I had skills.

My family said you should find what you like to do and turn it into a business.

I liked working with wood and metal.

I felt that I could make products people would like.

This required a CNC machine.

After looking around, I found that it would cost $10,000 just for a plasma table without a torch.

This seemed like a high price

As I looked into what it would take to build one, it became clear I could for  less.

Between myself and my family we had the electronics, mechanical and computer knowledge to  make our own.

We built seven versions, at less than half  the cost, so as to understand the pros and cons of each design

The products we offer is the best and most affordable on the market.

With the help of my family I now have a bright future

You can have your own business making products form wood, metal, or plastics.