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User's guide [ EN ]
Very easy to install, this device works with any plasma cutter and you don't need a voltage divider.
For example this device works with MACH, EMC1 or any program / system that accept THC UP/DOWN signals.
Sample VIDEO1
Sample VIDEO 2
Sample VIDEO 3
The device is a modern analog - digital controller of height of a plasma torch over a cut material. It is based on analysis of change of voltage generated by a source of plasma.
Simplified block diagram:
Supply voltage (V) 7 - 35V DC
Input voltage 20-300V DC
Ability of HV/HF ionization voltage suppressing 30kV
Ability of HV/HF ionization frequency suppressing >100kHz
Duty cycle (%) 100%
Duty cycle of HV / HF suppression (%) 100%
Rated max. load 1,25A / 60V DC
Relay reliability (minimum amount of cycles) under load of 5V / 10mA : 500*10^6
Degree of protection of enclosure IP IP20
Weight (g) 180g
Dimensions (width*length*height) 33*89*65
Mounting DIN 35 rail

Example for MACH configuration :

This device connect to your system the same as home switch, e-stop etc, the connect diagram is dependent on your system.


You can test your system with switches connected to your system

Simulate the THC up/down signals and make sure that this device will work with your system properly.


Plasma Cutter with Voltage Divider 1:50 OUTPUT: 

Plasma Cutter without Voltage Divider OUTPUT:  

Example for connection (arc ok signals isn't required)

Example for Gecko540 driver connection

shipping $20.00