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that you can use the system. Support on hardware and software.
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Why is this so low priced?
The design goal for this plasma cutting system.
 High quality.
 Ease of use.
 Use off the shelf parts 
 Low overhead costs.
You are buying from the builder, 
no sales man, or ad costs.

Mach3  Sheetcam  Qcad Pro

Full licensed Software 


Floating Head $200

THC Torch Height Control $300
Ethernet $300

for computers without printer port or laptops
CNC Table Features
Ultra smooth quite belt drive.  V bearings on rail drive. 
Cross Drive to insure X drive alignment.  Strong steel construction. 
Hi power motors.  Motor controller. 
Torch Ready.  Low cost. 
Needs desktop computer with 25 pin printer port,
will not work on laptop or usb to printer adapter.


Your Journey Begins Here

Our cnc plasma tables are designed to help you get the job done quickly and efficiently, at a price you can afford in these difficult economic times.

Here at Eagle Plasma, you?ll find a wide range of plasma cutting machines designed for ambitious do-it-yourselfers. We manufacture our plasma tables from steel, a material known for its lasting strength and durability. Our CNC plasma tables  are designed,  engineered, and tested by us, built with craftsmanship, care, and pride.  

We can help make your dreams come true, by teaching you to use our CNC plasma table, to create products of your own.

Products like Metal Art, Signs, Custom auto parts, and many more can be cut on a cnc plasma table.

Metal cutting on a cnc plasma table.

Metal cutting on a cnc plasma table

Turning a hobby into a business that can support you and your family may not be the easiest thing you'll ever do, but it could be the most rewarding.

It's a good way to spend time together, and being able to turn a hobby into a business is amazing

Nothing is better to do for work than something you already enjoy doing for free! It's never been a better time to think about turning your hobby, that thing you're passionate about doing into a viable, money-generating business.

You?ve dreamed of business ownership. Tired of working for others? You dream of enjoyable pursuit of a hobby turned into a business.  

So you want to turn your metal working hobby into a business success

Transforming a hobby into a lucrative business may sound like an impossible dream, but thousands of people are getting paid for doing what they love and enjoy.

Every step taken toward that life will turn your hobby into a business.

Pretty soon being your own boss, and working from home. It's a dream for many and a reality for a few.  

So what are you waiting for?  

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